Northwest Amateur Radio Club
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Welcome to the Webpage of ZS6RWT Northwest Amateur Radio Club


The Club:

The Northwest Amateur Radio Club, previously called the Western Transvaal Branch of the South African Radio League which was established on 1 August 1996 at a General Meeting for members in Klerksdorp, Northwest Province, Republic of South Africa. Special certificates were also issued to each member present.


In 1947 a group of Radio Amateurs living in Potchefstroom felt they needed to meet at times to exchange ideas and information regarding their hobby.

During that year the Potch HAM's decided to form the Potchefstroom Amateur Radio Club (P.A.R.C). The exact date is not known.

The founders were Dave Reeves ZS6EY, Fred Stanbridge, Paul van Velden ZS6JT, Chris Rabie ZS6VR, Bertie Haus and Issy Kotzen ZS6JK.

The first known AGM was held in 1951 and the following committee members were elected to serve the P.A.R.C: (Chairman) C.J. Rabie ZS6VR, (Secretary) D.L. Reeves ZS6EY and (Members) W.R van Velden ZS6JT, R.Ingram ZS6SP, J. Raath ZS6RS.

On a monthly meeting on the 19th July 1951, which was held in the Queen's Hotel in Potchefstroom , also attended by Klerksdorp members, the P.A.R.C. changed its name to the Western Transvaal Branch of the South African Radio League with a asset of nine pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence in cash. It was then proposed to open a savings account with the Netherlands Bank in Potchefstroom. After this the Branch grew and expanded its membership beyond the main centers of Potch and Klerksdorp to other neighboring towns.

In June, 1959 OM Ben Hough ZS6ARC was elected chairman but a few months later Ben became a silent key and at the monthly meeting of the 26th November 1959 OM Jack Appelbaum ZS6AUJ from Klerksdorp was elected chairman. At the following AGM OM Jack was re-elected as chairman. By now it was clear that the administration of the Branch was going to move to Klerksdorp and the secretary was instructed to notify HQ and all branches of the change of address to P.O. Box 21, Klerksdorp.

Source: History of the Western Transvaal Branch of the South African Radio League (1949-1985) by OM Joe Mayer ZS6ANW.